About Bob Kodzis and Flight of Ideas.

Bob Kodzis is a different kind of a professional.

He's one of the happiest people you will ever meet.  He’s a creative catalyst, a master group facilitator, and a true artist with a marker and a flip chart.

Bob Kodzis finds creative ways to make complex and difficult processes fun and exciting.   He is also president and chief creative catalyst at Flight of Ideas, Inc.: a creative think-tank designed to help groups think out of the tank. Through Flight of Ideas, Inc., Bob’s goal is to unleash group genius and spark fun wherever possible.

Bob pictureIn addition to being a fun and wildly creative guy, Bob is a gifted and inspirational keynote speaker and a very experienced strategic planning consultant who works with boards, executives and organizations all over the US and Europe.

During the last 25 years, Bob has facilitated hundreds of strategic planning retreats, leadership collaborations, creativity workshops, brainstorming sessions and focus groups.

His clients represent an incredibly wide range of very impressive organizations and industries--from A to Z…(Attorneys to Zoos). Some recent clients include: The Federal Reserve Bank, University of Central Florida, Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission, Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce, Orange County Library System, Institute of Internal Auditors, Florida Southern College, Kennedy Space Center, and Vekoma International (the largest roller-coaster manufacturer in the world.)

Through Flight of Ideas, Bob also gives his services (pro-bono) to several worthy causes including the United Arts of Central Florida, Florida Pioneer Network, Shepherd's Hope, Health Care Center for the Homeless, A Gift for Teaching, Give Kids the World, Arnold Palmer Hospital and a bunch of other great non-profit and charitable organizations.

Prior to launching Flight of Ideas, Inc., Bob was the Corporate Director of Marketing and Creative Services at Orlando Health (Formerly Orlando Regional Healthcare System) – The largest independent not for profit health care system in the State of Florida. As Director of Marketing, Bob led a diverse, talented team of creative and communications professionals to achieve unprecedented results in market share, community awareness and preference…and had a blast along the way.

In addition to blazing new trails with Flight of Ideas, Bob is a writer and essayist who was a regular contributor to Create Magazine, a national publication focused on creativity and the creative arts. His regular feature “The Quest for Creative Inspiration” was read in 20 markets throughout the US.

Kodzis is also a regular performer at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, writing and hosting ensemble comedy improv shows and performing improv with SAK's Gen S performing troupe  . “I love playing at SAK--they are a fun, wacky, wildly creative group of people. Besides the fun, improvisation skills are so valuable in the business world and in the real world – they help me to stay prepared for anything.”

Bob is very happily married to Patti, his high school sweetheart and he’s Dad to two smart, funny, fantastic kids: Devon and Sam. Bob also shares his home with three cats and two crazy dogs.


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