Great Clicks

Health Sense
This is the web site of my wonderfully talented and extremely smart wife, Patti Cantillo-Kodzis RN, BSN BC.  She is a brilliant educator, consultant and nurse who focuses on the care and quality of life of seniors in our community.   She is one of those rare people who is changing the world for the better.  Check out her website.


SAK Comedy Lab
This comedy improv theater sees more laughter in an average week than any other place in Central Florida.  The players from the Lab Rats to Gen S to the Early Show and SAK Ensemble - consistently deliver high quality live entertainment that is family friendly and very reasonably priced.  I am a player and a host.  These are some of my favorite people to play with.  Come play with us at SAK!!

Think Creative, Inc.
This is a terrific creative shop.  Owned by Mark Freid, a terrific writer and creative director, Think Creative has a cool way of viewing the world.  They are smart, creative, talented and very high integrity folks.  In short, I dig 'em.  You will too.

Mojo Interactive
This is a very tech savvy group of professionals.  Headed by the brilliant and frenetic Glen Lubbert, this crew of web pros knows more about SEO than any other crew I know.  Good people.  Good technology.  Get your Mojo going!

b Creative
David Brotherton is an amazing creative.  With a long history at Hard Rock...and a founding role in the creative side of Create Magazine...He has great chops.  He opened shop a couple of years go and has been kicking ass and taking names ever since.

Rare Blend
If you like A Cappella music,  you will love Rare Blend.  They are responsible for the musical intro on my main page and on my Idea Factory page,  Check out this terrific and talented may as well start tapping your feet right now.

Post Secret
This is an incredible website.  People send amazingly artistic postcards to the webmaster sharing their deepest darkest secrets.  Check it out.

Saugus Photos Online
My brother in law Jim Harrington is one of the best photographers I've ever met.  Check out his ever changing website and I think you'll agree

This is the site of the demented art-type who helped build the Flight of Ideas website--may the spores be with you!

Malcolm Gladwell
This guy has some serious brain power – he’s a great thinker and a great writer.

Charity Clicks

New Hope for Kids
Blending grief facilitation and intervention for children and families and granting wishes to children with life challenging illnesses in Central Florida.

Healthcare Center for the Homeless
Providing healthcare to homeless people in Orlando, Florida.

A Gift for Teaching
Providing school supplies and musical instruments for needy kids

The Golden Rule Foundation
Teaching children the power of giving and volunteerism

Orlando Regional Healthcare
A great teaching hospital system that I love

Arnold Palmer Hospital
The best children’s hospital I know - They saved my sons skull. I love them all.

Shepherd’s Hope
Good people providing excellent clinical care for people who cannot afford healthcare

Florida Legal Services
Good lawyers providing free legal help to those in need

Orange County Library System
A terrific group of smart people helping to inspire, inform and educate Orange County

American Cancer Society
Thee resource for cancer information – these folks helped my family through many cancers

Senior Resource Alliance
Good folks helping our elderly – specifically some disadvantaged senior people

Seminole County Public School System
Both of my kids are students in SCPS and I am an avid supporter in the classroom and the board room

Coalition for the Homeless – Orlando
These folks help people without homes

Give Kids the World
A magic dream place for families with terminally ill children


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  "All children are artists.  The problem lies in keeping the artist in them once they grow up"

                      -- Picasso

"Life is what happens while we are making other plans."

                     - John Lennon

"Good things may come to those who wait.  But only those things left by those who hustle."

                   -- Abraham Lincoln

"A pessimist is someone who finds a problem in every opportunity.  An optimist is someone who finds opportunity in every problem."

                     -- WInston Churchill


"The difference between me and a mad man is that I am not a mad man."

                     - Salvador Dali

"It's fun to do the impossible."

                     -- Walt Disney


"If you want to be somebody else, change your mind"

                    -- Sister Hazel



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