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Essays, Articles and Columns by Bob Kodzis

Here is a sampling of Bob's nationally published essays, articles and columns.  Click on the icon to right to download the entire article.


Traits of the Greats
So you want to be a creative genius...this article distills the basic traits of creative geniuses throughout history and in modern times.  Explore the traits that unite the greatest creative minds in of all time...


Natural Born Creativity Killers
In the professional jungle, there are a billion dangers that threaten the creative mind’s ability to generate original ideas.  Climb aboard. We are on the hunt for the most notorious creativity killers of our times. Hold on to your right brain. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Why You Need to Change
No profession (or living being) is immune to change. Creative careers are particularly susceptible. They survive, thrive or take a dive depending on how each professional confronts the issue of change. To deny the need to change is like denying the need to step off the train tracks when there’s a train closing in. It lacks common sense, and the impact is neither gentle nor pretty...

Enough is Enough.
There’s nothing like the rich, sweet aroma of fresh, hot ideas.  But woven into that alluring scent of originality is something that doesn’t quite smell right. In fact, it stinks. Nestled
among a billion popping fresh concepts are a gaggle of ideas so old, so stale and so over done that they are beginning to taint the essence of what attracted many of us to the creative arts in the first place...








Creative by Nature
Welcome to the greatest source of creative inspiration of all time.  Meet Mother Nature.  With 35 billion years to refine her craft, she is the greatest designer, engineer and creative muse of all time.  See how creative professionals have tapped into this plethora of creative juice...
Plan to Improvise

Imagine being able to walk into a client meeting without an idea in your head and then create magic within minutes...welcome to the world of creative improvisation.  In this article I interview some heavy hitters from the world of improv - from Second City, The Groundlings and SAK Comedy Lab...proving that improv is the ultimate creative training ground...

Shock and Awe - Art Basel SoBe
I love great art. It moves my soul. It changes the way I see the world and myself. It makes me laugh, cry and think. Most of all, great art inspires me to create. That’s why I jumped at the chance to attend Art Basel Miami
Beach, the truly astounding international modern art show which displays the diverse art collections of 200 galleries and more than 2,000 artists from across the globe...

Dear Creative Client...

Good communication is the linchpin to any good business relationship. This is important because, when the going gets tough (and it does for all of us) a good business
relationship can mean the difference between a client sticking with you or saying goodbye. Unfortunately, I’ve found that good communication is rare a commodity
in the creative business world...

Inspiration at the Intersection
Frans Johansson, author of the best-selling business creativity book “The Medici Effect,” coined the term “intersection.” In his book, Johansson describes the intersection as a “place where ideas from different fields and cultures meet and collide, ultimately igniting an explosion of new discoveries...” 

Award Winning Creative
I had the amazing good fortune to interview 7 of the 12 national ADDY judges.  They gave me the skinny on what it takes to create award winning creative work.  Their candor was refreshing, their insights amazing.  If you ever hope to win a creative award, read this article!!
Affairs of the Art
Throughout history, many parts of the artistic landscape have been molded by creative couples; brilliant creators joined at the heart. Think Lennon and Ono, Ball and  Arnaz,  Kahlo and Rivera. They are a fascinating breed. I  find it both mystical and magical when two creative souls find each other and decide to share the ride...

Dynamic Duos
Some of the best creative work comes from teams of two.  Somehow we seem to spark each other's brains and the result it greater than the sum of our collective thoughts.  This article explores what it takes to create a great creative team of two.  Read this one with your partner!

Better Brainstorming
In the circus of the professional world, I get to play the role of lion tamer--feeding, wrangling, and demanding jaw dropping performances from creative minds that are much more powerful than my own. I don’t use a whip or a chair. I am a creative facilitator and brainstorming is the strongest weapon in my arsenal.  Click on the thumbnail image to the right to get the full story!
Brainstorming Ground Rules
Besides defining the overall goal of the brainstorming session, ground rules should be designed to inspire and control specific behaviors.  Click on the thumbnail image to the right to get the full list!
Perfect Pitching
So you have a brilliant idea that will change the world. Now your only challenge is to get someone to buy it. Big challenge. In fact, it may be bigger than the challenge you faced when trying to generate the original idea.  Click on the thumbnail image to the right to get the full story!
The Art of Selling Ideas
In the thick of the creative jungle, a good pitch person is like a guide with a sharp machete carving out the shortest scenic path between a great idea and the people who have the resources to bring that idea to life. Nowhere in the world is that creative jungle thicker than in the movie studios of
Hollywood. Meet Bob Kosberg; Hollywood writer, producer, idea harvester and pitch
Great Books and Cool Tools
After speaking to a dozen masters of the right brain, I noticed an interesting trend: Every one of these pros included books and reading among their top creative resources.  Click on the thumbnail image to the right to get the full story!
Thoughts Wirth Considering
The quest for Creative Inspiration took a fascinating turn when I had the opportunity to talk with Jeff Wirth, Co-Director of the Interactive Performance Laboratory and Research Associate in the Digital Media Program at the University of Central Florida.  Click on the thumbnail image to the right to get the full story!

Fresh and on the Fringe (2006)
It’s time for a refreshing jolt of originality. Get ready to add some Red Bull to your creative juice. I bring you eight divine and wildly diverse sources of creative inspiration. They run the gamut from advertising to science, from architecture to art and poetry to engineering. The common theme they all share is astounding innovation


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