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Burning the Box.

Discovery is the process of looking at the same thing as everybody else and seeing something different.

In this fun interactive workshop, we take creative thinking to a whole new level. Based on lessons learned from hundreds of brainstorming sessions and thousands of creative professionals, Burning the Box offers a real world creative boost to any individual or team seeking to expand its creative talents.

The first part of this training includes an interactive presentation that helps each participant to identify and blast away the key barriers to his/her creativity. It works from the theory that each mind is unique, and thus faces unique barriers. Every box is different. It includes several fun, enlightening exercises and anecdotes from 18 years of creative facilitation. During the course of this training, participants really do learn to think differently.

The second half of the workshop allows participants to put their new way of thinking to work; by participating in a professionally facilitated brainstorming session. During this phase participants learn how to create an atmosphere and an environment that will foster and stimulate creativity. In the process, we will brainstorm ideas and solutions that address some of the real-world challenges facing your organization.

Don't just think out of the box. Burn the Box!


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