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C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E. Planning.

Collaborative /Realistic/ Effective/ Accountable /Thorough/ Innovative /Visionary/ Energizing.

"I've been through a hundred of these planning sessions,
but I never experienced one like that. It was excellent.
It was the best planning session I have ever attended."
--Director of Florida Commission on Community Service

Vision and Mission Driven
CREATIVE Plans are always vision and mission driven. As the Cheshire Cat told Alice "If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." We start the CREATIVE Planning process by identifying our common mission and vision. We then use these as our guiding beacon for the development of our goals and our strategies.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision is
just passing time. Vision with action can change the world.
--Joel Arthur Barker

Bias for Action
The success of the entire CREATIVE Planning process depends on the group's ability to implement the plan. Thus, the plan must be founded on actionable goals and strategies. The key is to ensure that every significant action contributes to the fulfillment of the organization’s vision.

"This was the first time I've been through a completely REALISTIC planning process. We now have a plan that we can really use! Thanks Bob. Great Work!"
-- President, Florida Society of Human Resources

CREATIVE Planning is reality based. At several points throughout the planning session, your facilitator will guide the group through a “Reality Check” process. During these very honest, very straightforward discussions, we ensure that the group’s vision remains grounded in reality. Pie in the sky is for the birds.

"We covered two days worth of material in one because of your focus"
-- President Hometown Property Management

Focused and Facilitated
People are amazed at the volume of work they accomplish during just one CREATIVE Planning session. All sessions are professionally facilitated. The goals are established up-front. The facilitator’s role is:

  • To help the group achieve its goals for the session
  • To keep the group focused and productive
  • To provide processes and facilitate discussions needed to achieve goals
  • To ensure that every member of the group has the opportunity to participate
  • To unleash group genius
  • To record key discussion and presentation points
  • To create a session output report/strategic plan

"You are able to discern when to intervene, when to stand back and you incorporate all ideas wonderfully!"

Everyone Participates--None of us is as smart as all of us.
CREATIVE Planning is not a spectator sport. All group members are participants. Diverse experience and diverse thinking are of great value to the CREATIVE Planning process. Your facilitators will ensure that every group member has ample opportunity to contribute to the planning process.

People support what they help to build. It's a fact. The best way to get your team vested in the implementation process is to fully involve them in the planning process

"Maybe now we'll see more cooperation and commitment from both sides.
You did an excellent job helping our contentious group to find common ground and helping us to commit to a united plan of action. It was a great day. You are a great facilitator!"
-- Director of Department of Elder Affairs, State of Florida

Consensus and Commitment
The CREATIVE Planning process builds consensus and secures commitments on key issues that are critical to your organization's success. This approach sets the stage for long-term cooperation and accountability. All points of consensus and all commitments are recorded and reflected in the session's output report.

Fun and Creativity
Planning does not have to be a painful process. At Flight of Ideas, we believe that work and fun should not be mutually exclusive concepts. Working with hundreds of groups, we';ve learned that nothing opens the creative floodgates like a good dose of fun. Our facilitators invented the concept of "productive play." Throughout the process, your facilitator will find ways to spark group creativity and to keep the process fun and interesting. We've got an entire toy box filled with unique toys designed to open minds and inspire creativity… and we're not afraid to use them!

"It was incredible to watch you literally draw our ideas out on paper.
I loved the artwork!"
-- Director, Teen Express

Worth 1,000 Words
CREATIVE Planning includes a process we call "Group Graphics". Group Graphics is the fun, colorful process of recording information using pictures and symbols. It allows participants to see what you mean. Having worked with hundreds of groups, I've found that Group Graphics has a terrific impact on group morale and productivity: It helps to increase understanding. It boosts participation and sparks a higher level of creativity among participants.

"This continues to be the best use of time for this company"
-- President, Franklin Realty

Time Well Spent
It takes less than two full business days to go from mission and vision development to the creation of a full blown strategic plan… a realistic, collaboratively developed plan with measurable goals that are focused on what's most important for your organization's success. I survey all groups after planning sessions. I always ask whether the session was a good use of each participant's time. The answer is consistently "Yes!"


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