Articles Bob has Written for Create Magazine
Here are a series of articles Bob has written for Create Magazine - a smart, insightful and visually  and dazzling magazine designed to fuel the creative community in more than 20 markets throughout the US.  Click on the Create logo below to read some of Bob's thoughts on Creativity, inspiration and some interviews with creative geniuses.


Burning the Box.
In this fun interactive workshop, we take creative thinking to a whole new level. Based on lessons learned from hundreds of brainstorming sessions and thousands of creative professionals, Burning the Box offers a real world creative boost to any individual or team seeking to expand its creative talents.


Nuclear Powered Brainstorming.
Great ideas can make the difference between success and failure…surviving and thriving.
Nuclear Powered Brainstorming exists for only one purpose: to generate GREAT ideas for your organization.


C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E. Planning.
CREATIVE Plans are always vision and mission driven. As the Cheshire Cat told Alice "If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there." We start the CREATIVE Planning process by identifying our common mission and vision. We then use these as our guiding beacon for the development of our goals and our strategies.


The Power of Presentation.
This action-packed workshop is designed to help professionals to develop outstanding communication and presentation skills. Includes personal presentation of ideas, laptop, tabletop, flipchart and platform speaking.


Marketing Reality Check.
How much money does your organization spend on marketing?
What exactly are you getting as a return on that investment?
How effective and efficient is your marketing function?
How well is your brand being protected and promoted?

If you cannot answer these questions, it’s probably time for a
Marketing Reality Check.


In Touch.
The most important professional relationship we have is our relationship with our customers. If we lose that, and we lose everything. But if we nurture those relationships and really work with our customers, we can define the future of our industries.


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