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In Touch.

Connecting with our Customers.

Keep inTouch With Your Customers
The most important professional relationship we have is our relationship with our customers. If we lose that, and we lose everything. But if we nurture those relationships and really work with our customers, we can define the future of our industries.

The In Touch process is designed exclusively to build a bridge of communication and collaboration between your organization and your customers.

A Critical Perspective
Our customers offer more than just cash in exchange for our products and services. They offer a perspective that is critical to the success of our organizations. Fortune 500 companies have learned this over and over again: customer insights and feedback can earn and save an organization millions of dollars every year.

Asking the Right Questions
The key to getting great information from our customers is to ask the right questions. Using surveys, interviews and professionally facilitated focus groups, we will gather the information needed to bring your organization closer to your customers. The In Touch research team has designed and facilitated hundreds of focus groups, written surveys, telephone surveys and personal interviews. You could say we are experts at asking the right questions.

Listening to Customers and Employees
Once we’ve asked the right questions, the most important thing to do is to LISTEN... carefully. In Touch is unique in that it addresses the perspectives of both customers and employees. By comparing and contrasting the unique perceptions of each group, we find ways bring both groups closer together.

Identifying and Eliminating Gaps
A "gap" occurs whenever employee perceptions differ from customer perceptions. A wide variety of gaps will be identified throughout the In Touch process. The goal of the process is to identify and eliminate these perceptual chasms through communication, education and collaboration.

An Enlightening and Entertaining Presentation
Once all of the customer and employee information has been gathered and reviewed, a high impact presentation will be designed for your organization. Employees will be shown the customer’s perspective, in the customer’s own words. Using edited focus group videotapes, customer quotes and overall survey results, a focused motivational presentation will be designed for your organization. During this presentation, your employees will be educated, entertained, surprised and ultimately enlightened. They will leave this presentation with a much greater understanding of your customers’ perceptions and expectations.

Collaborating to Improve Relationships with Customers
The high point of the In Touch process is the final step: Multi-Level Creative Brainstorming. During this step of the process, employees and managers and executives are recruited to participate in a series of intensive, professionally facilitated brainstorming sessions, all with a singular focus: improving relationships with your customers.


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