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Marketing Reality Check.

Stop wasting your money on marketing activities and start investing in market impact.

  • How much money does your organization spend on marketing?
  • What exactly are you getting as a return on that investment?
  • How effective and efficient is your marketing function?
  • How well is your brand being protected and promoted?

If you cannot answer these questions, it's probably time for a Marketing Reality Check.

Marketing Reality Check shows you exactly how your current marketing approach is working for your company, and how it is not. It's a comprehensive marketing audit system designed to gauge the efficiency and the effectiveness of your company's marketing and communications efforts.

Marketing Reality Check is an objective, information-based, examination of your company's marketing efforts. It focuses on more than 20 specialty areas of marketing and communications.

Marketing Reality Check is based on the best marketing and communications practices of top performing fortune 500 companies and worldwide charitable organizations.

Throughout the Marketing Reality Check process, our team will work closely with your marketing and communications team to review every aspect of your company's corporate communications efforts.

At the end of the Marketing Reality Check process, you will be given a comprehensive report that clearly lays out the overall findings and recommendations.

Marketing Reality Check is an exclusive service of Flight of Ideas, Inc. For more information or to schedule a Marketing Reality Check for your organization, call (407) 234-4522.


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