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The Power of Presentation.

The quality of our ideas is enhanced or diminished by the way we present them.

This action-packed workshop is designed to help professionals to develop outstanding communication and presentation skills. Includes personal presentation of ideas, laptop, tabletop, flipchart and platform speaking. Included in the lessons are:

  • Finding the real power in PowerPoint
  • Master flip charting techniques and ideas
  • Delivering a captivating presentation with no speaker support tools!
  • Getting and holding the attention of the audience
  • Inspiring interaction
  • Eliminating annoying habits and crutches
  • Body language--the power of the body and expression to help us communicate
  • Powerful preparation and practice tips
  • Injecting passion and humor into your presentation

Regardless of your current level of presentation skills, The Power of Presentation promises to help you take your public speaking talents to the next level... and beyond!!


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