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Getting Better All the Time!

A reality based teambuilding experience.

We get an enormous number of requests for “teambuilding” workshops.

Quite frankly, we don’t believe that going away together for a day or a weekend or a week really builds a stronger team. We have learned that the best way to build a stronger team is to help them to communicate honestly and directly and to actually work closely together to address real challenges. That’s why we created “Getting Better All the Time."

Getting Better All the Time is a team workout based completely in reality…with a number of valuable end products as output for the process. Forget simulations, models, ropes courses and psychobabble. This session involves helping real teams to solve real problems and to understand the factors that are contributing to their successes and their failures.

The first module of this experience, FINDING THE BIG IDEAS, will challenge team members to identify the major challenges they face and the specific skills that they bring to the table.

The second module, SHARING-LISTENING-LEARNING, requires team members to gather and share useful information about each other, the working environment, organization and the industry. This phase prepares the group to really work out together.

The third module WORKING OUT, gives your team the tools and the framework to prioritize their challenges and brainstorm workable solutions to the top challenges presented. In this phase of the process the team learns about negotiation, consensus and alternating between the roles of team leader and team member.

The fourth module POWER FOLLOW-THROUGH, the team identifies major assignments, milestones and points of accountability.

The final module is a six-month PROGRESS CHECK to help the team to address and overcome challenges that arise during this new approach to working together.

Each module of Getting Better All the Time is custom designed to ensure that the exercises and illustrations are completely relevant and useful to participants. The end result is a stronger, more aligned team working on a plan of their own united design.


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