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The right way to kick off

important relationships.


JUMP-Start is the perfect way to start an important new professional relationship. It’s designed to give mutually beneficial relationships the greatest chance for long-term success. JUMP-Start is based on the simple idea that people work together better when they understand each other’s expectations, talents and limitations.

The format is simple. The meetings are fast, fun and focused…and they yield a remarkable amount of useful information. Maybe most important, our facilitators know what it takes to build strong professional relationships. They bring years of practical experience to your organization and its allies. This format has been very successfully applied to a wide range of budding relationships including:

  • New clients
  • New partnerships
  • New Mergers and acquisitions
  • Newly formed teams
  • Alliances and networks
  • Virtual organizations
  • Community and corporate boards of directors

Whether your relationship is new or just needs a boost, now is a great time to JUMP-Start!


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