Motivational Shows and Creative Keynotes

"It was the first time I have ever seen this crowd give a standing ovation to anybody.  It will be hard, if not impossible, to beat next year.  Outstanding job, Bob.  Thank you!!" 

                                                                  - - Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce 

Bob Kodzis is a a dynamic, funny and poignant keynote speaker for groups from 10 to 10,000.   His topics range from creative inspiration,  to the power of  improvisation,  to living a fun and fulfilling life.  His style and mode of presentation are always original, always colorful and always memorable.  Click below to see some of Bob's keynote speeches and motivational shows that are bringing audiences to their feet and changing the way people think about their lives and their work.


How to Run Meetings that ROCK!
When was the last time you walked away from a meeting, thinking "WOW, what a great meeting!"? When you finish laughing, consider this: We have run hundreds of meetings with thousands of participants who have said "WOW, What a great meeting." No kidding. 


JUMP-Start is the perfect way to start an important new professional relationship. It’s designed to give mutually beneficial relationships the greatest chance for long-term success. JUMP-Start is based on the simple idea that people work together better when they understand each other’s expectations, talents and limitations.


Getting Better All the Time
Quite frankly, we don’t believe that going away together for a day or a weekend or a week really builds a stronger team. We have learned that the best way to build a stronger team is to help them to communicate honestly and directly and to actually work closely together to address real challenges. That’s why we created "Getting Better All the Time"


Plan B
What would happen to your organization if you suddenly lost your biggest source of revenue or your most talented leader? The risk of being blindsided in today’s market is higher than ever before. Trends reverse themselves. Markets shift. Stuff happens. That’s why we developed
Plan B, a simple, logical and fun process for contingency planning.


A Year on Trial
A Year on Trial™ is a great and creative way to review the lessons and successes of the past year. The experience is orchestrated in a beautifully restored antique Florida Courtroom, complete with an oak-walled Grand Jury Room.


Rear View Mirror
As we hurtle forward, we often use the rear view mirror to get our bearings and to assess the road that we have just traveled. And if we are smart, we use what we learn to help us make plans for the road ahead. That’s whole the concept behind
Rear View Mirror.


Anything is Possible
Once labeled “Cirque Du Success” by a fortune 500 CEO, this stunning training session and interactive meeting format is sure to blow you and your team away.


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