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Plan B.

Expect the unexpected.

What would happen to your organization if you suddenly lost your biggest source of revenue or your most talented leader? The risk of being blindsided in today’s market is higher than ever before. Trends reverse themselves. Markets shift. Stuff happens.

That’s why we developed Plan B, a simple, logical and fun process for contingency planning.

Plan B is designed to take into account today’s insane economic and market conditions. The process prepares participants to approach significant change in a way that minimizes risk and maximizes impact. The end result is a solid contingency plan and a new way of looking at your business dynamics.

Plan B includes a hand drawn industry mind-map, designed by one of our graphic facilitators. This engaging visual tool helps to define the significant dynamics of your market and the things that are most important to your organization’s success.

When change is the only constant, your greatest hope
may be Plan B!


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