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How to Run Meetings that ROCK!

The art and science of great meetings.

happy employees

When was the last time you walked away from a meeting, thinking "WOW, what a great meeting!”? When you finish laughing, consider this: We have run hundreds of meetings with thousands of participants who have said “WOW, What a great meeting” No kidding.

In Meetings That Rock, we teach people how to run meetings that are fun, focused and extremely productive. The goal of this program is to give people the tools, the skills and the ideas they need to achieve almost any goal they set for a meeting. During this very interactive 8-hour course, participants will learn:

  • How to become effective facilitators through practice and observation
  • Basic to advanced flip charting--and other techniques to record meeting outcomes
  • How to manage conflict and diverse personalities from bullies to wallflowers
  • How to energize the group and how to relax them
  • Building consensus out of chaos
  • Keeping the whole process biased toward action and follow-through

Stop wasting your time in meetings and start investing it
in Meetings That Rock!


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