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A Year on Trial.

The art and science of great meetings.

A Year on Trial™ is a great and creative way to review the lessons and successes of the past year. The experience is orchestrated in a beautifully restored antique Florida Courtroom, complete with an oak walled Grand Jury Room.

During the “proceedings” teams present their successes and challenges from the previous year and share how they will apply these lessons to the next year’s efforts.

Throughout the day, the team(s) will face a series of strategic and fun exercises that will test their strengths and abilities to work as a team.

The process challenges participants to research and present their cases thoroughly, and creatively. Some of the judgment criteria include courage, honesty, creativity, realism, communication skills and clarity of message. “Judgments” handed down by organization and team leaders and the session facilitator can mean significant rewards, or hard time.

A Year on Trial is a focused and effective way to move forward with the benefit of having looked back with scrutiny. It will help your team to better understand how you got where you are today.


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