blueprints to success

During the last three decades, I’ve learned a lot from working with awesome people. Now, I’m sharing that insight and those experiences far and wide through consulting and creative services that help my friends and clients succeed.

Consulting Service

First things first… I don’t love the term “consultant.” I’d rather be called a “resultant,” because my recommendations are more than consults, they produce results.

Organizational Development and Corporate Culture

Without building a strong culture, companies run the risk of losing. I’ve helped clients structure their organization to create stronger systems, resulting in more dedicated workforces and ultimately, a better bottom line. That’s a win in both our books.

Marketing and Branding Strategy

By performing extensive marketing audits to gage a company’s current methods, I help clients find ways to get measurable results. These spring from becoming one with the target market and letting it show us exactly how to win consumer interest, preference and loyalty.

Interdepartmental Collaboration and Silo Busting

Sometimes the only difference between a good organization and a great organization is how they work together. Removing collaboration barriers between these divisions can catapult an organization to greatness. I love to teach clients how to stop working against themselves, and start working smarter.

Internal and External Corporate Communications

Let’s clear a path to better communication within your organization’s own four walls, and between you and your most critical stakeholders.

Team Building

From aerospace engineers, to professional sports franchises, government auditors and even theme park designers I’ve helped high-impact team build better bonds, and improve their ability to overcome obstacles with less friction. I’d love to help yours next.

Innovation and Creativity

Looking for proven tools to help your team train their creative muscles? I’ve got a pretty big toolbox, including a process to help our clients develop their own internal creative centers.

Change Management and Change Mastery

The only way to get on the right side of change was to create it. Change can be a major source of stress, or a major source of fuel to drive your organization where it needs to go. Let me help your team reap all the benefits of mastering change.

Creative Services

After spending the past 30 years chasing and cultivating creativity, I’m not here to help you think outside the box. I’m here to help you ignore it.

Art Direction and Creative Direction

Creative professionals march to the beat of their own drum. I’m a great conductor, and can help inspire their best work.

Creative Ideation

While I specialize in uncorking other people’s creative genius, I also have a few amazing ideas of my own (and some great creative partners I can call on). New product innovations, advertising and communications campaigns, creative problem solving or ideation — I can show you all the possibilities. The best part? Our first idea is free.

Illustration and Mind Mapping

I can draw anything. A wide variety of companies and conferences hire me to “draw their meetings” in front of a live audience. It’s interesting, engaging and reinforces key messages of the event. In other instances, I can translates client messages into graphic language that dazzles eyes and sparks minds.