Listen and learn.
And laugh. And think.
And grow.

I am not a motivational speaker, but I love when people are inspired by what I have to say. I think it’s because I say YES to all that life has to offer.

Day after day, I strive to find new ways of looking at the world around us. And then, I talk about what I see. My keynotes are chock-full of humor, creativity, honesty, and tried and true real-world strategies that hold the power to change everything.

Let's Talk About...

Burning the Box

This very interactive workshop will teach participants how to be more creative in their work, in their lives and when solving life’s most challenging problems. Based on 25 years of creative facilitation and work with some of the most brilliant creative minds on the planet, Burning the Box is a great first step to unleash individual and group genius and inspire people to look at their challenges, and the world, a little differently.

This presentation includes a number of mental challenges, each offering a lesson about how we think and how we can eliminate the barriers to our creativity.

This workshop is a crowd pleaser. It packs a lot of ideas and information into a 60 or 90 minute period and it is fast, fun and funny This session is also available in a half day workshop format. It can also be used as a keynote speech.

Power Up

Power Up is about finding, maintaining and sharing our energy. So often, the difference between success and failure is energy. The difference between our best days and our worst days is energy. Energy attracts people to us and propels us toward our goals and dreams.

During this 60 or 90 minute interactive keynote address, participants will learn the value of the focusing on their energy and they will learn valuable techniques to restore and grow their energy in a way that will revitalize their careers and their lives.

Full of fast, funny stories and real world examples, Power Up is sure to energize your audience and send them off ready to face the world with a whole new perspective.

Ready for Anything

We are living in unprecedented times; politically, economically...even climatically. Now more than ever, people need to be ready for anything. This presentation is an insightful and funny look at what it takes to be ready for whatever the world throws our way.

Ready for Anything is based on 15 years of improvisational performance and interviews with some extraordinary people who successfully face the unknown every day – people like Professional Improvisers, Trauma Surgeons, Astronauts, Navy SEALS, animal behaviorists and even a homeless man who spent 35 years surviving the streets of urban America. It’s also based on nearly five decades of rolling with the punches of life, emerging with a smile and even getting a few shots in. Ready for Anything will spark the audience’s sense of humor and their sense of adventure. And it will teach them how to take whatever the world gives them and make it work for their lives and for their careers.

How to do the Impossible

This is one of the most recent creations by Bob Kodzis. How to do the impossible teaches audience members how to face down their most daunting challenges.

It puts the word IMPOSSIBLE on notice.

History is full of people who refuse to accept the idea of impossible. During this talk, Bob shares the stories of more than a dozen “miracle workers” and distills the essence of their magic.

This fast paced, hilarious and often poignant presentation is full of creative and striking visuals and funny stories from true life. It teaches participants the key traits that define the people who do the impossible.


How much more happy and successful would you be if you were free?

UNLEASHED is a keynote talk about cutting the ties that bind us and hold us back from success, happiness and freedom.

UNLEASHED is about the quest to unlock your potential and live a full, free and fascinating life.

Bob Kodzis has made a career out of unleashing human potential and group potential. UNLEASHED distills the lessons he has learned working with organizations like NASA, Walt Disney Imagineering and Siemens Corporation.

Full of fast, funny stories and brilliant images, UNLEASHED will open a whole new world of possibilities for your audience.


workLIFE is one of those presentations that just may change your life. Full of amazing and interesting images and stories, it is designed to help audience members to find better balance, priorities and happiness as they juggle the complexities and the challenges of their work and lives.

workLIFE is a fast, funny romp through some of the most important and twisted discoveries that we can make as working human beings. It offers simple ideas, unique insights and pure silliness that will change the way people approach their work, their time and their lives.

This is one of the best received presentations I have created to date. It strikes a chord among a wide range of professionals

Plan to Improvise

"Life is what happens while we are making other plans" - John Lennon

Life changes fast. The strongest professionals among us are the ones who are the best at improvising. Plan to Improvise teaches participants the skills and the philosophies needed to take whatever life throws our way and create the best possible outcome.

Plan to Improvise is part presentation and part productive play. It is filled with fun interactive and illuminating exercises designed to bring the power of professional improvisation to the workplace. The principles of this fun, creative and high impact skill set will transform the way participants view their work, their challenges and the people around them.

This energetic and highly interactive workshop is based on 14 years of studying and performing professional improvisation and interviews with top improvisers at the world renowned Second City in Chicago, SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, and Groundlings in L.A.

Live Happy

Want the secrets to a happy and healthy life? Who doesn’t? Take a lesson or twenty from one of the happiest people you will ever meet. Live Happy is about what it takes to really enjoy our time on the planet. It’s about making choices that will lead to our own happiness and progress as human beings. It’s about laughing (rather than crying) when life gives us something unexpected. Live Happy is a flurry of practical advice, timeless wisdom, silly (but useful) stories and amazing images spun together by master story teller and life coach Bob Kodzis. You can just live, or you can live happy.

The work version of this talk is called WORK HAPPY.

How to run meetings that ROCK!

One of my proudest professional talents is being a professional meeting facilitator for more than twenty five years. I have a knack for making meetings fun, unleashing group genius and helping groups to think and to work better together. I have worked within huge corporations and with teams and organizations of every conceivable shape and size from NASA to the Healthcare Center for the Homeless; from Wal-Mart, to Siemens, to Vekoma International, the largest rollercoaster manufacturer in the world. In every case, Bob finds ways to make meetings fun, engaging, relevant...and heaven forbid, productive.

In this workshop, Bob will teach participants the facilitation and group dynamics skills needed to run meetings that rock. This is a powerful skill set that can change the way professionals with leadership, diverse departments and ever-changing organizations.

Perfect Pitching

60 and 90 minute versions

In the professional world, there are few skills more valuable than the ability to effectively sell your ideas to other people. Whether selling your recommendations to your clients, boss, department heads or the board of directors, all progress depends upon the pitch.

In “Perfect Pitching,” Bob Kodzis, President and founder of Flight of Ideas, Inc, will teach you how to effectively sell your ideas and engage other people to bring those ideas to life. It’s a fast, funny and focused session that offers you tangible ways to increase your impact in work and in life.

With more than 26 years of success selling ideas in a wide variety of organizations from Disney to the Federal Reserve Bank to Kennedy Space Center, Bob will share real world successes and epic failures as he teaches you the art the science of “Perfect Pitching.”

Presenting with Pizzazz

60, 90 minute and half day versions

All successful professionals are faced with the challenge of presenting their ideas to various audiences throughout their careers. Presenting with Pizzazz teaches participants how to engage and keep the interest of any audience. It teaches how to package and present their ideas in a way that will predispose the audience to enjoy and support those ideas.

Based on more than 25 years of performing and professional speaking to business audiences of every size and industry, Presenting with Pizzazz will teach participants how to read the audience’s energy and attention and to elevate both, on the fly. It offers dozens of tried and true techniques to make you and your presentations more powerful, interesting, memorable and engaging.

For eight consecutive years we have had Bob serve as a facilitator and motivational speaker for our client symposium. Bob is one of the most genuine and decent people I have ever met. He happens to also be extremely talented and exceptional at his craft. Our clients return each year to our conference in large part because Bob is there.

Neal Miller
Senior VP
Cotiviti Healthcare

Bob, Your performance exceeded our wildest dreams! Our people couldn't stop talking about you! More later - but just know how much we appreciate you - and how dog gone good you are! Thanks again!

Charlie Parker
Tampa Bay Library Coalition

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