All hands
(and hearts) on deck.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some brilliant people and teams. And I’ve captured some of their magic in this series of training modules. Fun, fast-paced and designed to entertain while educating, Training and Team Works experiences empower professionals to work better, together leading to happier, more successful careers - all without a single ropes course.

Training Programs

Burning the Box

Learn to be a better innovator and creative problem solver by eliminating the barriers to your creativity.


Learn the power of infusing creativity into your strategic approach. It will change the way you plan, collaborate, and implement your strategic vision.

How to Run Meetings that Rock

Meetings don’t have to suck. They can be fun, engaging and very productive experiences that deliver more than the sum of their participants. This talk teaches you how to facilitate meetings in a way that unleashes the potential of every participant.

Perfect Pitching

The world is full of brilliant ideas. The challenge is to secure the buy-in of people who can help bring them to life. Perfect pitching teaches the skills and tools needed to effectively sell any idea. Based on hundreds of successful pitches—both strategic and creative—this training program offers advice and strategies to help you galvanize support for your great ideas.

Courageous Leadership

Developed for emerging leaders at NASA, this training teaches leaders how to more effectively engage their teams, how to approach their challenges and opportunities more creatively, and how to master change by taking whatever the universe throws at them and making it work.

Leading Volunteers

Learn how to engage and inspire volunteer participation in ways that will most benefit your organization.

Team Works Programs

Better Together

Improve the cohesiveness of your team by agreeing on your priorities, clarifying how you will work together and clearly defining roles, needs and expectations.

Plan to Improvise

Improve team communication, cohesion and fun by employing the skills and guiding principles of improvisation. This is a fast, fun and extremely illuminating session that will echo throughout your organization for months after the experience.

The Quest

Launch your team on a custom-designed photo scavenger hunt that will challenge their creative and strategic minds and send them on a journey of team self-discovery.

Keys to Great Teamwork

  • Agreeing on the end goal
  • Relationships beyond transactions
  • Genuine caring about each other
  • Unconditional respect
  • Listening with open hearts and open minds
  • Kind, honest feedback
  • Mutual support and mutual benefit
  • Complementary skills
  • Role clarity and a keen understanding of each other's roles
  • Willingness to follow as well as lead
  • Recognition and reward for the team, not just the individual
  • Ability to face change and improvise together

Bob, I want to tell you again what a fantastic job you did today. I felt like you knew SSH and the history so well the way you facilitated the morning. You were so on target. Your approach, humor, summarization of points and just overall plan for today was just perfect. You exceeded my expectations.

Karen Frenier
Dr. P. Phillips Hospital and South Seminole Hospital

Bob has spent time with our leadership on several occasions and the product was always a clear and articulate path to make our organization and structure more defined and impactful. He knows how to ignite our mission, passion and values. Time with Bob is more than well spent for any organization.

Joshua Vickery
Founder/Executive Director
Central Florida Community Arts